Isolation System

– DS1 Evacuation System
– Portable Operatory Kit
– Y Connector Kit
– Cleaning Brush

Autoclavable Mouthpiece

16 Autoclavable Mouthpieces
– Mouthpiece Pedo (4-pack)           – Mouthpiece Small (4-pack)
– Mouthpiece Medium (4-pack)      – Mouthpiece Large (4-pack)

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How does the 45 Day Free Trial work?
Your 45 Day Free Trial period will begin the day the DryShield Starter Kit has been delivered. Once you receive your DryShield Starter Kit, we will contact you for an overview of the system to maximize your DryShield experience. If you have any questions once you receive your DryShield, feel free to call us at 888.379.0300.
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Returning your DryShield Starter Kit is easy! If you are not satisfied with your DryShield Starter Kit, you may return the kit within 45 days of delivery. Call us at 888.379.0300 for your RMA#.

Important Notes: The DryShield Starter Kit must be returned complete with its original packaging, parts and accessories to ensure full credit, less shipping/handling to and from your location. This includes the DS1 suction device, all mouthpieces (used and new), portable operatory kit, and Y connector kit, and nylon brush.
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